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Daniel Company UK

The first of these Daniel Company UK exists to pray prophetically into the issue of human knowledge and to help people engage in theology and apologetics from a charismatic perspective while keeping the wisdom of God above the knowledge of man. Daniel, who the book of the Old Testament is named after, is noted as having been trained in the best academic traditions of the Babylonian Empire (the Medes and the Persians) and for being wiser than all the other sages and advisors because he kept this earthly knowledge subject to the wisdom of God. Part of this is prophetic intercession at the altars of human learning (such as Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Durham, St Andrews and other universities both in the UK and across Europe) concerning issues such as humanism, godless evolution, anti-Christian liberalism and similar issues.

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Honey Bee Intercession/Bumble Bee Prayer

The image is of the role of the Honey Bee and the Bumble Bee as carriers of pollen to fertilise plants – that the blossom season is a time for pollination so fruit can develop. In the past seeds of revival have been sown, also renewal has blossomed across the globe. Honey Bee Intercession works to call forth the blossom of the seed sown so that the spiritual pollen can be carried around the various sites. Honey Bee Prayer works to visit those sites of renewal in order to carry the spiritual pollen to other renewal sites.

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Nations A-Flame

Ths is a prophetic intercession ministry to help people engage with and pray for their communities. This includes prayer research/spiritual mapping to discern what redemptive gifts God has given the town, village or city (including how the enemy has twisted and perverted these gifts), to catch God’s vision for the community so that it may flourish, and then develop a strategy of intercession to pray for the community as a foundation for outreach and social action.

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Celtic Fire

Britain has a long history of prophetic ministry, from the early Celtic church, the Scottish Covenantors such as George Wishart, and John Knox, the revivals under Whitefield and Wesley which birthed the Methodist movement, the Salvation Army, and the contemplative prayer movement that included Julian of Norwich, John Donne, Evelyn Underhill, John Bunyan, and others. In Europe these streams brought forward Francis of Assisi, Benedict, Dominic de Guzman, Ignatius of Loyola, Brother Andrew’s “Practicing the Presence of God”, Madame Guyon, Teresa of Avilla, Hildegard of Bingen, Martin Luther, scientist and mathematician Blaise Pascal, and Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf, founder of the Moravian movement that has influenced prayer rooms and houses of prayer including 24/7 and the International House of Prayer movement. Friends of God Network looks to tap into these historical streams, and in particular the contemplative, through the project Celtic Fire. This is in part as a reclaiming of the rediscovery of Celtic Christian and contemplative prayer which has become polluted with liberal and hyper-grace theology.

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White Rose Prayer

This is a network to intercede and confront prophetically the rise of ungodly nationalism. While it is important to recognise God is not anti-nations, and even national pride, there is – as seen historically in the regime under Hitler, the neo-Nazi/Fascist white supremacy movements, and militant socialism, amongst others – an extreme pride that brings unrest, division, discord, violence and hatred, a pride based on lies and manipulation. Around the globe this extremism, whether Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist, white supremacist, militant feminists, extreme liberal, or anti-Jewish, is rising at a horrifying rate. During the persecution of Christians by the Roman emperors, people would meet “sub rosa”, under the rose, as a sign of a secret and confidential meeting. It is the belief of Friends of God Network that unless the church rises to pray concerning this then it will be forced to meet, even in the “liberal” west, sub rosa. In response to this White Rose Prayer has been started to sound the trumpet call, taking its name from the peaceful resistance movement of Hitlerite Germany.

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Nabiya Books

Friends of God Network also aims to publish books and resources via the imprint Nabiya Books